As night decends, my restless mind

Draws up dreams my heart can't hide
Embers grow into a fire
My soul burns inside desire
And then the kiss I hunger for
Unlocks the gate to heavens door
I loose myself in sweet embrace
I have no sense of time or place
There is only here and now
Only you to show me how
Two can merge and become one
And for a moment outshine the sun
But then I wake and life is real
Yet in my heart, it's you I feel

My Wish...

 The time will come for me to leave,
Rest me by the open sea,
Grant me the freedom to be free,
cause life has shown me what to see,
Im in your heart & theres faith above,
to carry on forever love,
Life for me will be no more,
for an Angel will be knockin at your door,
Life for you will carry on,
So keep your heart free & strong,
Remember me when by the sea,
Flying high and floating free,
Do not wonder what could have been,
For you will have our memories,
Keep them close & keep them near,
Then I can always be with you Dear.

Believe in yourself..

...and in your dream
though impossible things may seem,
someday, somehow you'll get through
to the goal you have in view.
Mountains fall and seas divide
before the one who in his stride
takes a hard road day by day
sweeping obstacles away.
Believe in yourself and in your plan,
say not - I cannot - but, I can.
The prizes of life we fail to win
because we doubt the power within.

My Grandma

When I was sad and lonely, you were there
I needed a Mother's love,  you shared your heart,
Illness was upon me your strength made me well...
Death was knocking at my door,  you eased all my pain...
and told me I was special, because I was saved...
Love was taught to me by you, & how to live in peace,
Big hugs for you Grandma for you're always there.
We thought you would live forever, but that wasn't to be...
when we saw you lying in that bed, it scared us soo,
It broke our hearts, to see you in pain,
but now that you have passed away, you feel no pain..
you feel our love, it gives you peace today,
but we who are left, cry and grieve, and pray you didnt leave,
we know it was for the best, you were in so much pain,
there's no need for worry, we will share our love again...
Grandma you are in my Heart forever.. thats where you'll always be.

A Tribute to all Daughters.....

Every home should have a daughter,
for there's nothing like a girl,
To keep the world around her in one continuous whirl,
From the moment she arrives on earth,
and on through womanhood,
A daughter is a female who is seldom understood.
One minute she is laughing, the next she starts to cry,
Man just can't understand her  and there's just no use to try,
She is soft ans sweet and cuddly, but she's also wise and smart,
She's a wonderous combination of a mind, a brain and heart,
For even at a tender age she uses all her wiles,
and she can melt thehardest heartwith the sunshine of her smiles.
She starts out as a rosebudwith her beauty unrevealed,
Then through a happy childhood her petals are unsealed,
She's soon a sweet girl graduate and then a blushing bride,
And then a lovely woman as the rosebud opens wide,
and some day in the future if it be life gracious will,
She too will be a mother and know that reverent thrill....
For my dear Mother, who I lost as a child...bud
I Love You Mum, your in my dreams and in my heart.
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