Mother Nature,
what do we do?
The oceans are dying,
Our air's poisened too.

Mother Nature,
Where do we go?
Using up resources and supplies are low.

Mother Nature,
How will we know,
When we've gone too far,
Will life cease to flow?

Mother Nature,
Look at your land,
Destroying the ozone with sprays
That are canned.

Mother Nature,
How will you live,
Once we've taken all you've had to give?

Mother Nature,
When will it stop?
when we've taken it all......
Used every drop?

Mother Nature......
Here's another oil spill,
Clean up is too slow,
Look at all the marine life we've killed!

Mother Nature,
Here's another nuclear disaster,
We ignore the danger,
Start another reactor.

Mother Nature.....
Digging holes in your face,
Filling them in with our toxic waste.

Mother Nature,
How can we pay.....
Back all that we've taken away?

Mother Nature,
Of earth, wind, and water,
What can we do to stop your slaughter?

Mother Nature,
Has too much time passed?
Can we fix you,,,,,,,
If we do it real fast?
written by R.A.E. '91