This set is linkware.  It can be used on personal sites in exchange for a link back to on every page that uses the graphics.  You must use the matching logo that is provided with the set.

Commercial sites (any site that makes money) must purchase a license to use this set.  The prices for licenses and customized graphics can be found on the services and fees page.

To receive a copy of the zip file containing all of the images that you see on this page, as well as the HTML code, please complete the form below.  I will email the zip file to you as soon as possible.  Please be sure that all information entered is accurate, or you will not receive the file.

Please read the terms of use before requesting the file.

Zip File Request Form



If you have a problem with the form, please email the above information to me.

Commercial sites, please continue on to the Order Form for payment.  Please reference set #133 when ordering.

Created:  1/9/01
2001 Andrea Beight