I got my picture to make this set from Christina's Big Cat Site
A great site to get information on the Big Cats.

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The font used on the buttons is Blue Melody

Please link to: http://www.dejaelaine.com/backgroundindex.html





This is a link ware set. You may use the set provided:

1) You may not alter the set in anyway. That includes: cutting, mixing with other sets, resizing, etc.
You do not have to use all of the set or set it up
as I have done, but you MAY NOT use any part of it
on or with another background set.
2) This set is for use on non-profit or personal site. NOT TO BE USED on
commercial sites, or sites that are non family friendly sites, sites that promote, hate, violence or pornography.
3) The Graphic Gifts logo as well as any artist logo is to be place on
the page with the background.
4) Link info: http://www.dejaelaine.com/backgroundindex.html
5) Please do not claim these graphics as your own by displaying them as your own work.
You may not offer them for download as Free Link Ware.
6) You may not use this set to make new graphics or offer them for sale.

Download and SAVE the graphics to YOUR hard drive.

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